This article talks specifically about User Unterface (UI), User Experince (UX) and Visual Designers but can reach outside into other areas of design as well.


1. A freelance designer’s reputation depends on delivering great designs.

A freelancer depends on their reputation and great work to get more work. That is a huge motivator to always deliver a fantastic final product. Full time designers often get comfortable or even disinterested in their position creating a situation for subpar “just good enough to get by” design work. Who would you rather have working on your next design project? (www.flavcreative.com)


2. FREELANCE DESIGNERS are much more affordable and require little to no overhead.

One of the biggest variables in business is expenses. An experienced freelance designer will be able to provide an accurate upfront estimate on a project based on the scope provided by the client. This ensures you are paying only for the services provided. With a full-time employee you have enormous overhead and are committed to paying for their downtime, benefits, healthcare and severance package if they are let go. That all adds up to a huge monetary advantage in favor of the freelance designer. 


3. You can hire a freelance designer with specific skill sets tailored the project.

Different projects require different skill sets. You might have a project for an automotive client and at the same time one for baby diapers (I say this because my wife is obsessed with diapers lately because of our new baby) which would require two different design skill sets. Or an internal data driven application design vs a consumer facing website design. With a full time designer you are stuck with their range of design ability to match all these different design senerios. With a freelance designer you could hire as many designers and match up their specific abilities to the specific projects getting far better results. 


4. A freelancer will be working with multiple clients at any given time giving them greater experience and allowing them to offer you a fresh perspective to your project. 

Freelance designers most often work with multiple clients and projects at a time giving them a wide range of design flexibility, expertise and experience. Often full time employees work on a single brand or in the case of an ad agency maybe a few brands. This repetition is not a good situation for creativity, and often full time designers fall into a rut. In the end the work suffers and design projects end up mediocre at best.  


5. Eliminate the lengthy process of hiring and firing full time employees.

Hiring a full time employee can be a lengthy laborious process. Chances are if you need to hire someone that means you are busy giving you even less time to go through the hiring process. With a freelance designer you can be set up and working on the project in a matter of days. An experienced freelance designer will be able to work seamlessly with your existing full time team. When the project is over the freelancer is finished and you are done paying for their services. In the event the freelance designer isn’t up to standards they can be easily let go. If a full time employee isn’t working out there is a lengthy process often involving extensive documentation and possible legal ramifications.    


6. A freelancer will be able to deliver the best product without being caught up in interoffice politics. 

This is one that people don’t think about in favor of the freelance designer. Every office has politics and who better to do a great job than someone who is immune to them. The freelance designers goal should be to delve the best possible finished product. A full time employee often has to navigate tricky interoffice politics that can really end up hurting the final product.